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I suffered from an extreme lack of motivation this morning, finally forcing myself out for a walk in the early afternoon. Sometimes, I start my walks with a slight sense of dread. What if it bores me?  I mean, I have certainly wandered around a lot in this area. Rarely does this actually happen. 

I discovered some interesting urban garden elements in the neighborhood and experimented with some blurring and abstraction using the mucky receding floodwater at Lake Of The Isles as my subject matter.

The best part of my afternoon was by far my last stop, at the Tin Fish restaurant at Lake Calhoun. How great to be able to sit on a bar stool right at the edge of the water and just relax! I got a sweet shot of a couple having a romantic moment taking pictures of each other on the pier and took advantage of the bright, but overcast light to capture ducks just doing their thing. They are cute, but the images are really about the highlights in the water, which give it a surreal, almost metallic look.

Photography can be so therapeutic.   :)

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